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Suffer, Fools! filmed for Live From The BBC

After two months of having to keep it quiet from my pals and having constant nightmares I can finally say I filmed my first stand up special for Live From the BBC last week. They had to reshoot the start as I was so nervous I walked on screaming. No words. Just screams.

It’s pretty mad how stuff has turned out given I spent last summer doing previews so bad that at one point my agent came to one and I ran away from the venue afterwards in embarrassment.

Then I didn’t even want to take the show to the Fringe as I hadn’t finished writing it and couldn’t get the ending right, then I spent the first week of the Fringe crying in the Stand Comedy Club office and asking Kenny (the manager of the Stand) to let me go home. Now after touring it and rewriting it for five months I’m about as happy with it as I’ll ever be and I’m looking forward to people seeing it when it comes out.

Even if you saw the live version at some point I’d recommend you watch the TV version as the stuff the production team did for the ending was so cool.

It’ll be out later this year but I don’t know the exact date yet so keep an eye out here or on Twitter…